The Decision

Monday, October 13, 2008


The cold hard floor hugs my cheek
As tears run down the old paths and
Creating more until they are indecipherable
From one another.
Paralyzed, and held by chains
I welded myself, I yearn to be free
From the darkness around.
Vision blurred, gripped by fear
Slowly I realize the darkness, the screams and knashing of teeth,
Pours out of
Eyes wide open, empty sockets beseaching
The night to leave, I want to put back together my innocence
That lays shattered in various pieces around,
While he, that dark figure in the corner laughs
Ruefully at me, seeing my ultimate peril.
So have been my days of late
Warrior gusto, muscles, and pride degraded til my very
Soul leaked out.
Barely breathing, I decide
To fight.
Sick and tired of being sick and tired
Letting the demons along my brain having control
And leading me in chains slowly but surely
To this spot.
And so I take one unsteady step
Into the unknown, the unimaginable, the awesome
Knowing whether I die or live matters not,
But I am on
My feet.
Looking for glimmering lone light and
Seeing none I go forth
Toward everything that brought
me here.
The Night.

Kina personal. More about the essence of being human. Being fallen and fragile but still managing to take the step and fight against our fears...I duno I like was fun to write...